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It’s lonely at the top!

Aligning Responsibility & Accountability to Achieve Success

Working alongside CEOs’ and their top teams, Gleeson Executive assist board room players in unravelling and aligning strategy with accountability and responsibility.


Leaders are able to examine their communication skills, transparency and clarity of decisions, working relationships, confidence, impact and influence.

Gleeson Executive acts as a sounding board to discuss thoughts and fears and assist in the development of action plans to drive success.


Gleeson Executive’s aim is to provide a personalised leadership coaching experience to its clients which is fun, challenging and delivers amazing results and which will empower them to be the best leaders and human beings possible.

Our Services

Excelling in Board Leadership through times of global market turmoil and turbulence, uncertainty and doubt. 

Coaching together will help you identify what your board are seeing in you as talent for future board succession.

For leaders, or aspiring leaders, needing to enrich their skills to connect with the language of leadership and deliver results.

How do you identify with your achievement and success?
What next in your career?


She has a very unique way of working that just clicked for me, and that really chimed with my core beliefs. Every session is different, but one similarity is they always make me stop and think about how my actions and words translate for others 

– Brendan O’Reilly, CTO at O2 (Telefónica UK)

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