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Client Testimonials

Jacqui is an inspiring professional that always performs to the highest of levels. I have had the privilege of working with Jacqui for many years now; she is a thoughtful individual that is driven to succeed whilst getting the best out of the people around her. She is caring by nature, shows great integrity and is one of the best networkers I have come across. She is a very experienced business women that is sales orientated by nature ideally suited to the executive coaching and recruiting role she plays. A winner if I ever met one; a pretty unique lady!


Neil Rafferty, CEO & Entrepreneur Technology

From my experience, Jacqui genuinely wants her clients to truly achieve their potential, no matter what that looks like. With Jacqui’s help, I’ve analysed where I truly want to take my career. Furthermore, she provided creative, practical advice on how and where I might apply my skills beyond my own conventional thinking. With Jacqui’s 1-2-1 mentoring I’m certainly more confident in my true abilities and the direction I want to take them, building up my core competencies and therefore turning the conversation into a positive one: “how I can build on those skills” rather than “how much time must I spend working on all my perceived weaknesses”. We focused on areas for personal development with the view of building on what I’m actually quite good at!


Mark Hodgson Head of Partners & CCO Technology

“I am delighted have met Jacqui over 15 years ago and it is a professional relationship and also a friendship I respect and value.  Jacqui is someone whom I have personally worked alongside and someone whom I would recommend highly as a leadership & transformational coach.


Jacqui is incredible networker who brings in new relationships which can, and have, resulted in long term business opportunities for those concerned.  I can cite a number. She has a style which is natural, eclectic and energetic. She cares about people and reflects a loyalty and integrity. For those who know her, this they will appreciate,  acknowledge and indeed treasure.  She has a skill of getting right to the centre of someone’s character, dreams, issues, challenges and always leaves them feeling upbeat and positive about the future – which is an special art.  She is someone who acknowledges and observes skills and potential within others. 


I was delighted when Jacqui invited me to be Mentor for some of her senior executive clients. We work together when I can add to her skills with my business expertise in particular sectors.


 I can give my total support and recommendation, should you wish to get her to assist your enterprise, your executives, or team.


Dr. John R Forrest CBE, FREng

I have been fortunate to know and work with Jacqui over the past 20 plus in a variety of industries and organisations which include Telecommunications, Media, not for profit organisations and most recently the Education sector.  Jacqui’s unique and highly engaging coaching style has enabled me personally to progress my career and has enabled me to continue to challenge myself and to be the best I can be.  I am now able to make things happen in my senior work role, which has been recognised by the leadership Board, that I would not have thought possible without the stimulating and thought provoking discussions I have had with Jacqui.  Thank you so much!


As a senior HR practitioner, I have introduced Jacqui to work with Board members and other senior leaders which has resulted in very positive results – I am proud to continue to recommend Jacqui as a real asset to deliver personal and business results


Tina Beeden – Head of HR Professional Services, City & Guilds Group

Working with Jacqui has been a real eye opening experience for me. She helped me identify and work through some leadership models and using them in real life situations with my team. She has a very unique way of working that just clicked for me, and that really chimed with my core beliefs. Every session is different, but one similarity is they always make me stop and think about how my actions and words translate for others. She is very challenging, always driving towards what the actions will be, and the impact those actions will have. That has helped me put time into my day to reflect, a really important tool in helping me move forward.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Jacqui.


Brendan O’Reilly – CTO Telefonica

I had some career coaching sessions with Jacqui during June 2011. I found her to be totally professional, persistent, intelligent and humorous. Her manner encouraged trust and her questions were always spot on and revealing. The sessions supported some major changes in my life, I am truly grateful for her efforts and would recommend her without hesitation!


Ian Donald McIntyre, Consultant, Norway

I have been very fortunate to work with Jacqui as my coach during 2010. Jacqui has a gentle way about her, often challenging yet gentle. She allowed me the opportunity to take a good look at what is really important to me and how I was going to achieve it. I appreciate the way she supported me and encouraged me; she is an excellent listener with the incredible ability to provide positive feedback. She is open, honest and above all very professional.


With her support I have developed an action plan which gives me direction for both my professional and personal life. Her sessions are exciting, funny and very thought provoking. I continue to have monthly sessions with Jacqui which I really look forward too and I would recommend her to anyone who need to refocus.


Ruby Broomfield, Community Investment & Partnership Advisor National Grid

I have had the privilege of working with Jacqui for several years where she has placed candidates for HP. She is a thoughtful and considerate lady who is driven to succeed whilst always considering the people she works alongside. She demonstrates loyalty, empathy and high integrity. Jacqui has a unique way of building relationships where she always thinks outside of the box and thrives on seeing people she works alongside succeed. I understand why she has such a wide global network of contacts and is respected by those that meet her. Jacqui always delivers against her word. I personally have enjoyed and valued her coaching, her understanding of the market place and will recommend her for Executive Coaching and Recruitment at anytime in the future.


Sebastiano Tevarotto, Executive Board Member, San Francisco,USA

I hired Jacqui to undertake a very senior recruitment position within the company I worked for Tyco having used her company to provide an interim candidate for this role prior to filling the position and who proved to be exceptional placement. During the recruitment process Jacqui was totally engaged in the process and produced 3 shortlisted candidates all of whom would have been suitable for the role. I would highly recommend her if you are considering using her company for recruiting.


Jacqui also provide a coaching a mentoring role for a number of senior employees and I would recommend her for this role as well.


Tony White, CEO

I can happily say that I have known Jacqui for many years and can recommend her tenacity, networking and integrity. She has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and constantly encourages success. A positive and optimistic character. Jacqui never fails to open doors and make introductions for people she works alongside. She is a well respected and trusted lady whom I enjoy working with and hope to for many years to come.


Rohan Chanmugam, Chairman, Clevercoms Ltd

Jacqui is an outstanding professional with tremendous energy and a razor sharp mind for identifying opportunities and bringing together the people who can turn the opportunity into a reality. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and recommend her wholeheartedly.


Ralph Watson, Founder and CEO, the Ralph Watson Partnership

I have known Jacqui Gleeson for several years. She has been providing me with regular coaching sessions throughout my senior career over the years. Her insight and ability to ask the right questions and not shying away from asking tough questions has always been of great asset and assistance in my decision making process and in the development of my professional career. Jacqui is trustworthy and lives by the highest standard of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend Jacqui to anyone looking for a trusted and experienced coach to help personal development.


Patrick Razavet

I have worked with Jacqui over a number of years with personal and business coaching. I have also worked alongside her with recruitment – she has a unique talent in uncovering the true potential in any individual and matching it to not only their own goals but to those of an employer. A sincere business woman with the most unique style, impressively well networked and someone whom I respect and admire and would recommend her without any hesitation.


Jane Brett, Ex Sales Director, Avaya

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