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What do our clients have to say?

Working with Jacqui has been a real eye opening experience for me. She helped me identify and work through some leadership models and using them in real life situations with my team. She has a very unique way of working that just clicked for me, and that really chimed with my core beliefs. Every session is different, but one similarity is they always make me stop and think about how my actions and words translate for others. She is very challenging, always driving towards what the actions will be, and the impact those actions will have. That has helped me put time into my day to reflect, a really important tool in helping me move forward.


I look forward to continuing my journey with Jacqui.



Brendan O’Reilly, CTO at O2 (Telefónica UK)

“I am delighted have met Jacqui over 15 years ago and it is a professional relationship and also a friendship I respect and value.  Jacqui is someone whom I have personally worked alongside and someone whom I would recommend highly as a leadership & transformational coach.


Jacqui is incredible networker who brings in new relationships which can, and have, resulted in long term business opportunities for those concerned.  I can cite a number. She has a style which is natural, eclectic and energetic. She cares about people and reflects a loyalty and integrity. For those who know her, this they will appreciate,  acknowledge and indeed treasure.  She has a skill of getting right to the centre of someone’s character, dreams, issues, challenges and always leaves them feeling upbeat and positive about the future – which is an special art.  She is someone who acknowledges and observes skills and potential within others. 


I was delighted when Jacqui invited me to be Mentor for some of her senior executive clients. We work together when I can add to her skills with my business expertise in particular sectors.


 I can give my total support and recommendation, should you wish to get her to assist your enterprise, your executives, or team.


John R Forrest

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