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Focusing 100% on Leadership & Performance Coaching

The industry is crying out for leaders who ‘lead by example’, by leading teams to excel whilst delivering profitable business.  It demands results driven executives with the skills to turn around or launch new businesses in short time frames.  The industry searches for leaders who evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, cultural changes, diversity and M&A.

Gleeson Executive’s aim is to provide a personalised leadership coaching experience to its clients which is fun, challenging and delivers amazing results and which will empower them to be the best leaders and human beings possible.

Who are Gleeson Executive?

Gleeson Executive Limited was formed by Jacqui Gleeson in 2003. Originally created to focus on Executive Coaching and Executive Search. Jacqui released the Executive Search part of the business in 2015 and re-launched with a newly formed company focusing 100% on Leadership & Performance Coaching.


With over 27 years of working alongside board room executives and industries of all sectors, Gleeson Executive brings knowledge, understanding and experience of the impact of leaders in business. 


Working alongside board members and their potential successors, Gleeson Executive facilitates and creates actions plans to support and direct clients. Encouraging and guiding clients to becoming inspirational, empowered and renowned leaders recognised in the business world.


Gleeson Executive is all about coaching around ‘leadership’ and ‘transformation’. It’s about sharing a personal journey by creating a safe environment where clients are relaxed and can be confident in learning about themselves and their impact on others.


Individual programmes are designed, along with personal identified objectives, which will offer clients time to think, reflect and provide an opportunity to impacting change to their leadership style and future direction.


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Our Values

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“We do not make judgements about your life or tell you how to live”

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“We treat every conversation confidential”

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“We respect your views, thoughts and feelings”

Jacqui has a skill of getting right to the centre of someone’s character, dreams, issues, challenges and always leaves them feeling upbeat and positive about the future – which is a special art.

– Dr. John R Forrest CBE, FREng

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