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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

“The board are not seeing me for the succession role”.

“I am liked by my direct reports and by the board.
Still I cannot reach that board position and I don’t know why?”

Boardroom Succession Coaching

The world is changing and board room executives need to make decisions fast and with confidence. The meaning of and timeline around ‘Strategy’ is changing too.  The long term strategy for any business can be impacted overnight driven by world and economy drivers – we only have to look at recent events in the UK in 2016 to see this. 


Stepping up and being recognised for a board position is more than just being liked. Leaders need to be able to create and instil change and innovation in others, as well as themselves. Good leaders today demonstrate foresight, tenacity, consistency, clarity and all the other amazing qualities and attributes needed to be a powerful and effective leader.

Leaders are about having the intelligence and capacity to deal with ROI, shareholders, global economy dilemmas, skills, knowledge, resource, route to market, cultures, M&As’, uncertainty and doubt – to highlight just some of those topics and skills being called upon on a day to day basis.


Coaching together on ‘The Board Succession’ programme will help you identify what your board are seeing in you as talent for future succession. It will allow you to identify and understand what you need to do to achieve your goals and aspirations, success and reward.

With Jacqui’s help, I’ve analysed where I truly want to take my career. Furthermore, she provided creative, practical advice on how and where I might apply my skills beyond my own conventional thinking. With Jacqui’s 1-2-1 mentoring I’m certainly more confident in my true abilities and the direction I want to take them. 

– Mark Hodgson Head of Partners & CCO Technology

Board Succession Coaching – 12 month Programme

Gleeson Executive design 1-1 personal board succession leadership programme based around our clients own objectives and desires to excel in their executive board style and their impact on leading from the top.


Gleeson Executive will:


  • Invest time in working closely with its clients to address all the challenges, objectives, goals and aspirations they have as a leader.

  • Discuss what they want from their own careers and plan how it can be achieved.

  • Provide a platform where clients can confidentially ‘identify’ and ‘let go’ of all barriers they put in their own way to succeed.

  • Transform the way senior leaders view situations and how they lead business and teams.

  • Evaluate their personal impact and influence across the business, the board and market place

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